September 04, 2014

Review #1 - Salon 39

Salon 39 House Cheeseburger at Salon 39

Vodroffsvej 39
1900 Frederiksberg

Yesterday I went to Salon 39, as some friends recommended to try out their burgers (They have gotten great reviews on Pigen and Pomfritten as well).
When we first ordered the burger, the waiters didn't ask about how we'd like our beef patties cooked, so I guess they have a prefixed idea on how the beef patty is supposed to be. We looked around and it seemed like most people ordered their Salon 39 House Cheeseburger (the burger looked very delicious so I couldn't wait to get mine!).

When we finally got our burgers, I was starving! I cut into the burger and found that the beef patty was medium cooked, while my friend's was pretty rare (which prevented her from finishing the burger because of too red).
At first, the burger tasted pretty good, however the meat seemed to taste like 'condensed meat'. Something you would get from frozen fake meat.. So the more bites you took, the less fulfilling it was. They served the burger with some thin fries, which were alright but kept reminding me of fries that McDonald's would serve (except being less mushy - thank god).
One thing I was pleasantly surprised about was their bun however. The bun was rather soft, moist and reminded me a bit of the burger buns I got at Umami. 

Because of the disappointment of their beef patty I can't give anything else but 3 out of 6 stars. Perhaps I've had too high hopes since I've only heard great things of this place, but I am rather disappointed in the burger that they served at Salon 39.

... And so the quest continues...

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