June 11, 2014

Back from hiding

Today I finally handed in my bachelor thesis, which is my last exam that I have to defend for this year and then I'm done. Done with my undergraduate and I cannot even explain how happy I am to be finished with this studies. 
For the past 2 months, I've gone through 6 exams and it's been really stressful. So the next couple of days I'm just gonna relax, see some friends and enjoy not having any deadlines study-wise. 

As you can see, me and my study-buddy wrote about Danish fashion companies and how they should market their brand in the Chinese market. The topic was really interested and since I'm really interested in fashion and stuff, it's been an amazing experience, but I still cannot fathom how glad I am that this is over. Even though the topic is really interesting, having a deadline = being stressed. 

Have any of you had to endure the exam-stress?



  1. When will you get your results? I'm interested whether you will take some fashion brand and market it in china.

  2. The results won't be until the end of June, but I won't be going to China after I've finished my undergraduate :)